Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

MM (or 2000)

Apologies for the thumbnail; I have zeroed in on a very small part of my blip and it's come out almost as a bitmap!

I've made it to 2000! With only two days gap in my entire journal since I began in April 2012 after thinking very hard about the commitment Blipfoto might be and did I really want to give it the time. I knew I definitely wanted to get into the discipline of taking at least one picture every day. .

To mark my new milestone, I have chosen 50 of my most favourite images. 50 didn't look as good as 45 though on the grid, so I had to let 5 go in order to have one true central image surrounded by things closest to my heart. :)

Sorry I have not been the best Blip buddy recently. I tend to do big catch-ups rather than comment every day. This erratic way of commenting may continue for the foreseeable future. I do appreciate comments (and stars and hearts) I receive. They still give me a buzz! Thank you for them. The weather is finally cooling down, so I hope to post more outdoor blips; we're finally getting blue skies and clear days again!

PS. Bikerbear, do I qualify for Flower Friday with five flower images?? :D

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