Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Noticed the usual build up of Thursday afternoon northward bound traffic, so whipped out my camera to get this shot. This is just a tiny section of it - it stretches for several kilometres.  :(

The worst time of the day for lighting. Well, it was gone 2pm... I love the tops of the cars. There was an incredible amount of humidity in the air, but Picasa has helped get rid of some of it.

The end of another work week and start of a long weekend. It's going to be busy (visa run tomorrow for G), so we need to pace ourselves, as it will inevitably fly.

I've had trouble installing one component (the Firewall) of my Antivirus software, and despite purchasing remote assistance, I have still lost more than 5 hours trying to get it all sorted! Not that I have to do anything - just be there to answer questions and press buttons when necessary. Today I had a session with a senior technician (the case had to be escalated) and he fixed some issues, but still no joy, so he has now escalated it to Developer level!! Gosh. Another 2-3 hours will vanish when I finally decide to give up an evening.

And today, I finally bit the bullet and called the telco to upgrade my internet speed from 1 to 20Mbps. Looking forward to pages loading before I click on them! ;D  Joking!

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