Reverse Angle

The same white Cyclamen graecum that featured eleven days ago but this time, backlit by bright sunshine, the shot taken through a tangle of lower  branches of Paeonia lutea and a shrubby daphne.  

Yet another fabulous sunny day, the heavy dew slowly lifting as the morning warmed up.  Last September Jamie braved the shave for MacMillan, this year he baked for an all-day coffee morning which opened soon after 11am with the last folk leaving as the sun set.  People came in a few at a time which made for a lovely, gentle, social get-together.  Great to see old friends and to get to know new one's better.  Grandma and Grandad were not well enough to come so we closed the day with a visit to deliver some goodies for them and their carer.

Thank you to those who came and contributed.  A very special day.  

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