... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Tooting Bec Common: Fantastical Trees

Enjoy the autumn sunshine in large.
Extra: Cayuga colours and ripply reflections

I went to photograph my favourite tree (previously blipped here) glowing in its autumn splendour, but people had settled bikes and prams underneath it in its puddle of golden leaves, so I had to change plans and go for a characterful common scene rather than a portrait of the individual tree... I'll revisit it if it looks so splendid later in the week.
Then met a friend for coffee and ambled along to see if the Cayuga was about; it was, and it wasn't hiding, although the sun had dropped below the treeline, so it rarely caught the light to show of its iridescence at its best...

Today's colourful collection are here (or right from Cycling under the railway bridge)

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