The watchful eye

I spent a couple of hours with Gulliver looking at his options for 6th form or college, he either wants to do a music course which he could do at either Richmond or Kingston college or he’ll do 3 a Levels, Music, History and Philosophy and there are two sixth forms that can offer this, Waldergrave and Orleans, so we’ve narrowed it down at least!

I’m still not feeling right after my trip to the dentist, tomorrow is my last day on antibiotics so hopefully that will help, the bruising is quite painful and the stitches are really annoying!!

I went for an evening walk and caught up with my old friend Paul Inder Kilmister on Facebook chat, we spent several years working together on music in the 90s, he’s lived overseas for the last 16 years.

Zebedee is inspired by having filmed with Max at the tattoo convention yesterday, he still wants to do his training to become a Personal Trainer but now also wants to learn tattooing, I looked online and there are no courses round here but he could do an apprenticeship and Max has some contacts.

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