By hazelh

Pears in scented red wine

This morning we introduced Mark and Audrey to Settlers of Catan. They liked it - especially Audrey, who won.

When our guests set off down to Leith (recently named as one of the coolest city neighbourhoods in the world) this afternoon for a guided tour of the theatre (brought back to life, largely through the efforts of our friend Jack), Mr hazelh and started preparations for dinner.

Tonight with our guests Mark, Audrey, Jon, Luisa, Jack and Katharine, we worked our way through a feast of:

Hors d'oeuvres: mackerel pâté on rye bread, nut pâté on rye bread, chipolata sausages in honey and soy sauce (practising for Christmas!)
First course: sweet potato and ginger soup
Main course: filo fish pie, caramelised carrot purée, green beans, and Mr hazelh's homemade oven chips
Pudding: pears in scented red wine (blipped)
Cheese: a wonderful selection supplied by Jon and Luisa, purchased from George Mewes.
Petits fours: more of the chocolate truffles that I made on Monday

It was a long-overdue catch-up for us all: the last time that the eight of us ate together was New Year's Eve 2014. I couldn't help wishing that we had invited the Foxes up from Manchester to join us too. My extra is a (blurry) dinner table selfie taken by Jon.

Exercise today: none (trying to rest the knee/leg).

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