La vida de Annie

By Annie


The only sensible remark heard yesterday from the partygoers was that "dogs are much nicer than people". This gave me the idea of going along to the zoo today to renew my annual membership, and to spend time with the wonderful animals and plants in that peaceful place. It didn't disappoint; the young lemurs especially were a delight, being extremely tame after growing up around humans. It was really hot so I sat down on a bench in their "lemur forest" enclosure, and opened my bag to take out a bottle of water to drink. Immediately three little chaps jumped onto my lap and began looking through the bag and examining my camera and the water bottle. They're so soft and gentle, and put their very human hands on yours.
I did however notice that the adult males of the species share an alleged feature with the orange horror in charge of the US, in the form of a mushroom-shaped tip of the male member....
That's where the similarity ends.

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