It's Dawning on Me

there was a moment of hesitation as I snuggled back to my pillow, then I swung my legs out of bed and gathered a few things and slipped out of the room. I grabbed my camera bag, pulled my boots on and I was out of the door. A few minutes later I was parked on the front at Teignmouth just before dawn broke.

It was a lovely morning and I was pleased to find some angles that I'd not used before. I amused myself taking some fairly complex panoramas and watched the sky colouring up beautifully. When the sun climbed above the horizon it was absolutely gorgeous.

I had to take this one several times to get the timing right. I have my camera set on a one second delay to avoid vibrations when I'm using a tripod so I had to allow for that in order to catch the run back of the waves breaking over the step of the sea wall.

I've put a few more here if you'd like to see them.

I'm tagging this one for SarumStroller who was a friend (although  at times it could be a difficult friendship). I think it's just the sort of photo he would have favourited and that, in my opinion, was high praise.

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