Annie and Chris

By AnnieAndChris

Lighting Up Time

After all the car faffing yesterday (and after posting the blip), Annie set off for Swindon and I (Chris) to Bradford for respective work today. Annie was doing a demo for her company awayday on AI. Despite the gamble of running the code completely live, it worked. My day was more mundane in comparison, regular catch up with part of my team and an external supplier meeting. We're both back home this evening. It's a 3.5 hour drive home so I stopped on the M1 at Tibshelf services for some food. The service station has a bridge across the motorway and with the sun setting, although I only had my phone, it was too good not to have a play. 

The blip was captured with the help of the IOS "Slow Shutter Cam" app. It gives a live view as data is captured on screen (a bit like some Olympus cameras I believe) so you can literally see the image forming on the screen. The app captures a different image to a straight long exposure shot. Still couldn't stop the sun burning out a bit but a bit of fun all the same.   

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