Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Saved by autumn

It's raining. The sky is a uniform grey - there will be no let-up in the weather today. Besides, it's teatime. It'll be dark soon. All day I've been chasing my tail and answering the phone, and now it's almost time to eat and go out to a meeting - and I've not taken any photos at all. Yes, I walked along the wet promenade of the West Bay and sniffed the salt smell of the seaweed (and enjoyed the accidental alliteration) but I wasn't tempted even to rummage in my pocket for my phone, let alone stop and consider a photo.

But lo: this year I cut the berberis back so early and so feebly that it's beginning to turn red because the branches have actually had time to grow and be exposed to all that sun (remember that?). I rush out in the rain and take its photo. Saved for another day ...

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