Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I was taking photos of Holy Trinity church today for possible use in a calendar (it proved popular last year) and found that almost every view had far more greenery in it than last year at this time - there's been so much growth that getting this shot involved a bit of a big tree that never drooped so far before. "So much growth" ... sounds as if I'm pushing a metaphor for mission, doesn't it?

Another interesting day - the work on the new organ (final voicing) was finished and it sounds terrific. Whew. And we managed to fit in a walk round the old reservoir before it was time to think of food and choir practice. I seemed to have more conversations today than I sometimes have in a week, and that was fun too, even if my voice suffered for it in the evening. (The aged have to look after their voices, you know ...)

We're heading to Edinburgh for the day tomorrow; we'd planned to go by public transport on Thursday but it's going to be windy and our pedestrian ferry was off this morning "because of gusts' - even though there were small boats sailing about quite happily. Very frustrating. Means I mustn't stay up late tonight or we'll never get off in time. The joys of living on a peninsula.

Good rehearsal too - Tallis and Leonard Cohen and Pergolesi. 

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