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A day out...

Success! Our planned day in Edinburgh went swimmingly. That's not really an accurate adverb, as it neither rained nor flooded nor did we end up in the sea, but I'm being old-fashioned ... Perfect weather meant blue sky and no discernible wind as we set off on the bathtub boat which reached the steps at Gourock pier (did I say the ramp was a rude word beginning with 'b'?) and had to stooge about for a good five minutes till the Kilcreggan ferry left, thus necessitating a mad dash to catch the train, parked on the far-away platform, with a minute to spare. The ferry ride was free because the ticket machine was bust, and we managed to buy all our tickets through to Edinburgh from the ticket boy on the first train. (Sorry, but he was. A boy, I mean).

Coffee to go in the station, a lovely lunch in Howie's, a most successful jacket purchase in Walker Slater (it was my birthday, remember ...), a carefree potter round the Old Town, dipping into an art supplies shop that Mr PB remembered from his youth and a wonderful book shop, then home. The photo is of the fantastic roof in the booking hall at Waverley Station, part of the original building. And I've added an extra of the interior of Walker Slater's women's shop, just because its so attractive. 

And then I was too knackered to Blip last night. Today I shall join in savaging a rhododendron bush...

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