As well as getting the product photography finished I also got my V-flats taped up.

A few weeks ago we bought some 8' x 4' foam boards for the studio to make a background for posing. We have cloth ones but the smoothness of the boards gives a more consistent result. So, they are black one side and white the other and just needed taped together in a special way that allows the hinge to work either way.

In more recent weeks I bought myself a pair of white and a pair of black A2 foam boards. I didn't bother glueing mine back to back as I wanted to be able to use them independently for table-top photography. I like a black background and this system is much simpler than the yards of black cloth and the clothes-airer I usually use. The whites do a very good job of acting as a reflector to bounce soft light onto the subject.

Being v-shaped both sets are self-supporting and fold away nicely afterwards. Well, my A2s do, the 8' x 4's at the studio take a bit of careful handling because of our low beams.

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