By dreaming

A mono for a mono day

We had our first real rain in a very long time today, which was good but sure made for a gloomy environment.  It's good to be inside again.

EW and I went to the ballet on Saturday and it was, as usual, just wonderful.  The main event was Dances at a Gathering, an hour-long ballet that I first saw back in New York  in 1969, performed by New York City Ballet. It was so beautiful and meaningful that it made me cry, and I continued to cry during the standing ovations at Lincoln Center.  Watching it now, I see the beauty but don't feel the emotion.  I was very young then, still thinking I could make my dreams come true, and the ballet seemed to tell me that the world was a welcoming place full of hope.  Fifty years on, I know that's not true.  But I still love the ballet.

I saw the nephrologist today and all my numbers are good.  Now I'm on my own for the next six months.  I have a line on a possible volunteer position that seems interesting, and I'm meeting with the woman on Wednesday morning to talk about it.  I need something in addition to the tutoring, and I certainly have the time.

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