By dreaming

Good news

I thought today was Thursday, and created this abstract of a shamrock plant for that.  But of course, it's Friday, and I haven't any flowers to share.

I think (fingers crossed) that my cable problems are at an end.  The technician who came today first went down to the box where all the cable comes in and it turned out that the cap to mine was loose.  When he fixed that, my service came back instantly.  He's the only one who ever thought to check that.  He also said that if I have a problem again, I should call him directly.  His name is David and I have his phone number.  What a relief.

My massage therapist, Melanie Salazar, whom I saw today is also an artist.  This homage to Klimt (Extra) really caught my eye.  These shamrocks are also from her home.

Tomorrow Endless Weekend and I have tickets to the ballet, a celebration of the choreography of Jerome Robbins.  His Dances at a Gathering is one of the most beautiful things I've seen - I saw it when it was debuted at New York City Ballet in 1969 and never forgot it.  So tomorrow will really be a treat.

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