Another wonderful day on this magnificent planet.
Cooking for MrD this morning to help alleviate the dose of flu he has then golf this afternoon.  What a wonderful afternoon for golf.  It was '5 Clubs' day, ie only four clubs and a putter in your bag.  A fun game with amazing results.  It makes you wonder why we ever need so many clubs.

Its wonderful to see Wombat back on the blip scene and now hosting Tiny Tuesday - thanks, Wombat.

The flowers here are Limonium, or commonly known as Statice, among other names.  One of the ladies at the club along with her band of helpers have planted a thousand of these and at the moment they are blooming everywhere.  The blip is of the bud stage of the flower - and difficult to capture in the breeze which came up late afternoon.

After last nights lack of commenting etc, I'm now in catch up mode..........again.

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