Afternoon Light: The Picnic Area at Hairy John

The first of October was a beautiful day, full of sunshine, and just about the right temperature. My husband and I were traveling to spend the day with family. It wasn't as much of a social visit as a working visit, but isn't that how it goes sometimes, when there are things to be accomplished?

And so the things that needed to be done got done, as it should be. And after and among all of that, we got a little bit of time here and there to spend catching up with my parents, my brother, several of my sisters, an aunt, and a cousin. The day featured a nice lunch from the local Creme Stop, which was a treat.

We'd traveled down to visit them via routes I-99 and 322, and encountered traffic snarls in several places. So on the way home, we decided to take route 45 instead, which goes right past the Hairy John picnic area.

I realize that Hairy John probably sounds like a weird name, so let me give you links to some of the back story. Hairy John Voneida was a local hermit, and there were rumors (perhaps unfounded) that he may have murdered his wife many a long year ago. See stories here and here.

Anyhow, the place where we stopped is a picnic area now, with a pool of water and some trees and picnic tables. When we take this route, we often try to stop, even if only for a half-hour, to rest our eyes on green space and dangle our hot tootsies in the refreshing water.

Above you may see our view, as afternoon light shone through the trees by the picnic tables. You may even spot a couple of red leaves floating on the waters: a foretaste of things to come!

The song . . . in honor of Hairy John, here is Jimmy Dean, with Big, Bad John.

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