Hygeia at St Bernard's Well, Edinburgh

My main expedition of the day was to my GP practice to find a cure for my gammy leg. The doctor offered to send me for an X-ray to check the damage. Alternatively, he suggested, I might like to wait until it gets better by itself. I went for the latter on the grounds that I have already spent far too much time in hospitals this year! (If it doesn't heal with time, I will return to the surgery and take up the X-ray offer.) In the meantime strenuous exercise is banned, so there will be no running for me for the time being (again!) I may take my bike out at the weekend...

Before I headed home I took a little wander along the Water of Leith to photograph the statue of Hygeia at St Bernard's Well. She was mobbed on Doors Open day on Sunday. Today I found her alone, silhouetted against the autumn sunshine, as blipped.

Then back at the house I pottered around doing household admin before settling down to some work in prep for a series of meetings tomorrow on campus.

Exercise today: a little walking (8,149 steps).

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