Books, books and more books!

Another gloomy, drizzly and generally miserable day. Just the right sort of day to have two dental appointments! 

I did take a few pictures outside the house but eventually opted for an indoor picture and chose to photograph my beautiful 1925 edition of the  6-volume set of 'The Gardener's Assistant', published originally in 1859 and edited by William Watson, Curator of Kew Gardens. According to the description they contain: 

Vol. 1 Vegetables, Allotments, Medicinal Plants. Vol. 2 Orchards, Hardy Plants. Vol 3 Fruit under Glass, Storing, Packing & Preserving, Plant Enemies & Friends, Tools. Vol. 4 Hardy Trees & Shrubs, Herbaceous & Alpine Plants, Annuals, Bedding. Vol. 5 Popular Plants, Greenhouse & Conservatories, Orchids, Ferns, Palms etc. Vol. 6 Structures, Heating, Soils & Manure, Propagation, Botany, Calendar.

I bought them a long time ago, probably just for the pleasure of owning such a wonderful set!

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