By AnneILM60

Pink in the garden

After being stripped almost bare during the storm, I'm so happy to see the Gaura plants making a comeback.  The bees are happy too!  I've got some nice Autumn Sage as well and Kent sent me the photo of the Morning Glory.

All these photos of pink in the garden are because of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that we are affected either directly or indirectly by this monster.  Everyone needs to do their part to screen themselves as needed and if you can donate to help those who need financial assistance to get screened.

I am feeling drained having watched a several hour long documentary about a Baltimore Police/Catholic Church cover-up of child sexual abuse in the late 60's-early 70's, that included the murder of a nun.  The story is horrific. (The Keepers)

After subjecting myself to that, I think I will be turning in early with a nice calm, easy read book.  :-)

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