Westward Ho! beach

Drove to Appledore today; had an early lunch of a tasty pasty there, then we carried on to Northam Burrows Country Park and walked a long way along the beautiful beach towards Westward Ho!  Very mild weather and calm seas, and very peaceful generally; feeling so chilled out here!

Drove to Barnstaple after that and had a quick look around the town, and a coffee - then headed back to Ilfracombe.  Had a bit of a rest back in the apartment, then tidied up a bit, did the recycling and packed up all our walking stuff.  

We headed back up Capstone Hill again at sunset; it didn't turn out to be a particularly spectacular one, but it was good to go back up there again and look at the views - both out to sea and back towards the town.  Carried on towards the harbour and picked up some fish and chips for dinner.  Yet another chilled night in after that - the last here for now, boohoo!

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