Homeward bound

Up early this morning.  Packed, tidied, out of the holiday apartment and on the road by 10am - good going.  Very sad to leave Ilfracombe - we're going to have to come back again soon!

Had a good drive home, under 5.5 hours, with no stops.  Nice to get back to our flat, and to have an easy evening with a takeaway for tea.  Our chilli plants were looking a little worse for wear - we'd attempted to keep them irrigated with the 'string' method (soaked string, one end in a bowl of water, and the other end pushed down into the soil - the theory being that the plant will suck the water up as it needs it - they didn't).  Two of them perked up nicely a while after a good watering, but I think the other one's had it.  Ah well.

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