Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


For a start when I looked out the window of our hotel room I could see mainly clear skies.  The harpie of a wind had blown itself out overnight and taken the lashing rain with it too.  We decided we would get up and have breakfast and then go back to diamond beach for another crack at it.  The light was just gorgeous this morning.

There were another two teams of photographers, well equipped with Wellies.   I am not sure whether it was the Being Olympic camera club or the Nippon All Electric camera club.  Either way, there were plenty of bergs for us all.  As usual there were the people who walked in front of you doing a long exposure.  The camera club people yelled at a kid who was with them who walked in front of them.  There were also sneaker waves again which caught a couple of people unawares who were posing on icebergs.  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when they got a soaking (am I really mean?) A young girl got a soaking, burst into tears and howls and had to be comforted by her parents.  Mentally I thought "there is a God".  Another near miss is here

From there it was back to the hotel but we detoured by another glacier.  It was magnificent.  I have put it up in flickr here

In fact, there are so many glaciers in this region there is one around every bend so to speak.

We then commenced the trip back West and at the moment are in the regions near Mt Hekla in a big horse riding area.  It is a guesthouse and quite different from our last two hotels.  Nevertheless the wiffy is good so I will persevere. 

Our first stop was Skaftafell and the blip tonight of Svartifoss.  To get to it we walked though Autumn colours of one of the few forest type areas in Iceland.  The colours were gorgeous with beech, willow and rowan.  Tall snow capped mountains towered over this forest.  It was a glorious walk and very interesting fall with those basalt columns. 

We stopped in Vik for a coffee (latte as they don't do flat whites in Iceland - hmmmm) and from there on to Skogafoss for a second look.  I couldn't believe there was another fashion shoot going on.  Can I say I was wearing merino thermals, a wicking sports top, jeans, fleece and down jacket, woollen neck warmer, scarf, woollen beret and two pairs of gloves, woollen socks and hiking boots.  The woman must have been Freezing!!!!!  See here

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