Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Not quite heaven

The only thing heavenly today was that the heavens had opened and we have had not only lashing rain for most of the day but this evening there has been very fierce winds.  When I walked into the hotel this evening I gave a fright to the receptionist after she saw my hair as arranged by the wind and rain.

We decided to stop quickly at the lagoon on the way to Hofn thinking the rain would ease by the time we got back.  Oh no, not to be, it only intensified.  Brollies were turned inside out and I only managed about half a dozen shots of the bergs on diamond beach before I gave up as my hands were too cold to wipe the lens.

There was a very solicitous chap from Guangdong who held John's brolly and warned me of impending waves.  So this is the best I could do because really, even in such bad weather I still feel these bergs on diamond beach are heaven.    What a contrast from yesterday where there was a beautiful sunset.  We gave up and made a hasty retreat to the hotel where a vodka and tonic or two has solved all the problems.

Hofn is a fishing village east of the lagoon with an overpowering smell of fish where we stopped near the port but we had a delicious langoustine bisque in a restaurant there for lunch.

Well it's nearly time for tea (it will be the two ways cooked lamb for me tonight (apologies to veggies and vegans) and an early night.  I was hoping we could get back to Diamond beach tomorrow morning before heading west again however the forecast is looking grim.

Thanks for the comments etc on past blips.

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