simple moments

By simplemoments

the first...

...of many blossoms

yet to bloom

on just 1 of several christmas cactus - plants scattered around my new house

when i first moved in - i was more than concerned about - the disruption to all my plants - moving them can cause such upheaval - not knowing how the lightning will be - if they'll like it - will they bloom again, let alone actually live

i was worried about my african violets - my orchids and my various cactus plants - so imagine my utter delight - when one day upon watering this particular christmas cactus - i noticed it was suddenly loaded with tiny buds - miss mollie-boo had to dash out of my way - due to the happy skippy dance i was doing - i guess the plant is pleased with the - light it gets from the window i have - placed it by which clearly makes it...


happy day.....

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