...in sunlight

for flowerfriday

and also in honor of bcam

i am a huge proponent of both - because i have been - doing the ff challenge for - well, as long as i can remember - probably as long as i have known anni - or bikerbear, who is our wonderfully - tenacious host of the challenge - bless her heart - regardless of what she’s dealing with in her own life - she makes certain to spread - around hearts and honorable mentions - for our fabulous flower shots - each week and there are - a lot of photos to wade through - generally speaking, on average - i believe there are roughly - 80-90 individuals who submit - a flower capture for anni to peruse

secondly regarding bcam - i have known too many - survivors of breast cancer including - a sister-in-law, not to be - a supporter, plus it highlights - my favorite color, pink - there have been stunning advancements - with this horrific disease - so we must continue to - encourage women to get - regular screening done - the machines today can detect - microscopic abnormalities - i know this because they’ve detected - such with me and i have - been grateful for these latest advances - in our technology - it makes a moment of unpleasantness - well worth the possibility of having...


happy day.....

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