Desperately seeking

By clickychick





Those of you who read my story yesterday will know that the last place I wanted to go to today was Dobbies! However, there were things #2 Daughter wanted so we went along and had a nice lunch at the Lasswade Store.

As we were walking round the store I stopped to ask a member of staff about the Christmas trees. She called over someone else. "I'm sorry, I didn't realise you were staff, not having the uniform." I said, "I'm down from head office, I'm the area manager, I don't have a uniform." she replied.

Thoughts were whizzing round my head! "Oh, I must tell you how disappointed I am that you've gone down the same road as Strikes in banning photography in your stores!" "What?" she said, "we love people taking photos of our things!"

I related yesterday's story and she is going to have a word with the Livingston store.

"Take all the photos you want!"  she said. Well done that lady!.

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