A mini blipmeet today . Jerra, aka The Man and I met up with Artyfartyannie and Mr AFA for the first time. Afa was just the energetic, vibrant character I expected from years of following her.

We had lunch in Livingston Dobbies, we both love plants and we had been here before meeting Kaybee and SWMBO, It was wonderful.

Things went wrong for me before this blipmeet. I will never look at blips on my phone again! A very nice follower commenting on a Tuesday Blipmeet said:

"A grand day out. Next time we’re up we’ll have to see if we can arrange another."
I hit reply thinking I was talking to Afa and said things which must have sounded very silly strange! He may not want to have me on a Blipmeet,  time will tell.

Things went wrong after the Blipmeet. The Man and I went outside for him to get a blip. I raised my camera to take a shot of a Nerine and got told by a member of staff that I should not be taking photos on their premises. 

Drat so that's Strikes and now Dobbies getting uppity about photography! The reason we buy their membership is because, as well as the 'free:' coffee, we also got the opportunity to find a lovely blip amongst their plants.

So it may mean far more visits to the independants like Larch Cottage Nurseries in future and they are very welcome to our custom and advertising!

Setting aside my grumping, It was a lovely day, thank you Afa and Mr Afa for taking time to meet us! Now we will see what #2 Daughter has in mind for us.

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