A Hint of Yellow

in newly planted primroses (for Flower Friday) :)

I had a really bad night, but managed to get to work in time for breakfast with my team, then a meeting with a supplier and finally a one and a half hour  - my 3 month review with my main Manager.

Nothing was unsatisfactory, and nothing was perfect...but perfect is what I can work to with my Managers' help.   I came on the two middle points, so there are things to improve.   I really hope I can do this in the next 3 months (probation is six months in all).

My Manager has also apologised to me, as I challenged him about a few things I wasn't happy with.  They are going to find a couple of training courses for me to do (in house) which is great :)

This afternoon I had another, shorter meeting, with my other Manager and that was fine too.  I basically run the office for her when she isn't there and we did a little diary/planning work in advance of the next couple of weeks....

Now I feel much more relaxed and happier (and extremely tired and in pain, but FEET UP, its the weekend!)  Phew!

Tonight, Charlie came outside when my neighbour called her, which is great news too...and my story for the local Cats Protection magazine has been accepted :)

Happy weekend folks :)

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