Two A-Rabs & a Quarter

Happy 28th Birthday Germany!

Don't think any "normal" citizens undertake anything to celebrate but just enjoy the public holiday one of only 3 out of 13 that are not religious (New Years Day, International Labour Day 1st May). I wonder if we follow the Humanist Party, who are putting up some candidates in parts of Bavaria for the vote in 10 days, whether we will lose the 10 religious holidays when all connections between State and Church are cut?

Given father had been in good form yesterday, several of the family were going to visit him, Angie took the day off. In the afternoon she went out for a ride.

Some will remember that over the past months, a friend from the village MrsMY has been riding on our Shagya Arab Sultan quite often. About two weeks ago,  I mentioned something may be in the air in matters horses. MrsMy had set her heart on having her own horse and would have liked to have stabled it with us. After a long debate, we said no but only on the basis of it meaning quite a bit of hassle and again more work/responsibility. Having said that, one couldn't wish for a better, nicer person to take in and she would have more than "pulled her weight" and indeed been a great advantage in that we could even consider going on holiday. But we simply don't have the ideal facilities and three horses are a bit of a problem if only two are being ridden regularly.

However, we knew when making the decision that it wasn't key to MrsMY's wish. Living on a farm set up for 60+ cows, there was more than enough room to adapt. Naturally, she has the problem of having just one horse (they are herd animals) and so will find someone else looking to stable a horse.

I didn't know that the wish had turned into reality until the weekend when I asked Angie why MrsMY hadn't been over. Today MrsMY's friend MrsOZ (she's married to an Australian) was visiting and is also a rider and horse owner, so she came over and I met the new kid on the block, named something Arabic that I can't spell, pronounce or remember for more than 1 minute. And MrsMY keeps repeating it, incensed by my calls of "Ali" or "Mohammed". It starts with "H" so a good German name like "Hans" will have to do. He is like our old Asyr, a purebred Egyptian "Arabian OX" and a very fine example too. I think 4 years old and a gelding.

MrsOZ rode our Quarter Horse Rosie who I thought would fall over while being saddled up. Eyes shut in the afternoon warmth (of our wind protected property) and looking like she was on sleeping tablets. I felt shamed MrsOZ was going to have to work hard to get her to move at all.

Sometime after, I got a call to collect Luna at the river ford which I thought would provide a nice Blip. When I got there, the three of them shot past me, Rosie soaked with sweat from head to toe and I scooped up Luna out of harm's way.

Drove into the village at a point I knew they would be passing in the hope of getting a photo. The village was holding a Birthday football match but that didn't disturb the horses who had actually calmed down a little. I thought Rosie must be in love but Angie reckons both she and Sultan are not at all happy about a new one being around. Well, we shall see and the rest of the ride went off well and smiles all around. A re-run is planned for the weekend.

While at the football ground, MrsMY announced we were all at coming to their place for Spaghetti Bolognese - no questions. So as both families have two young children, we went over early evening and enjoyed with MrOZ, Mr MD's wonderful bolognese, naturally made from meat from their own organic beef cattle.

As the OZs needed to drive home and the children get to bed, we left early and Angie managed to still find the energy to drop into her sports centre in Ottobeuren and enjoy a sauna.

So a great Birthday.

L to R: MrsOZ on Rosie, Angie on Sultan and MrsMY on "Hans".

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