By schorschi


Despite it being a public holiday throughout Germany to celebrate 29 years of reunification & 30 years, some have to work. I do marvel at how the young lads at the wheels of the massive contactor vehicles shown in the extra photo collage whizz around.

The large trailer shown in one, a Krone TX560, alone weighs 10 tonnes empty & can load a further 21 tonnes and I guess the tractor has another 7 tonnes. That's 38 tonnes. Don't want to be a worm under that weight. Annoys me that Luna doesn't budge with all these machines about but at home when I collect my tiny John Deere tractor keys, she flees indoors.

And in the bottom long photo of the collage, I even saw the lads driving backwards at full speed alongside the forage harvester - never seen that before - posted a video of it on Facebook which should be accessible even if you aren't a FB'er. (reverse bit comes half way through)

The main photo is of what the harvester makes of the maize/corn. I suspect this field will end up in bio-gas electricity unit but it's the same stuff that is fed to our cows & cattle to produce the milk & beef with the added benefit of a good dose of Round-Up or glyphosate.

Enough said.

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