By seizetheday

Crab apples

Artwork for two ads - one for our small business and the other for MrM's tuition - in our new community magazine emailed to the organiser by lunchtime. Just before the deadline - phew! The first issue is due out at the beginning of next month, and it will be interesting to see what the magazine's like, and what response we get.

After an afternoon of admin and domestic stuff, went up to the Common in the car with MrM. He went up in to the woods to move his squirrel-monitoring camera, and I walked twice around the path before heading home to prepare tea. Spotted two red squirrels in the trees by the feeder, but hopes of a photo or two were dashed by the guy standing nearby who took several shots using the flash on his camera. Exit squirrels, chattering noisily...

There are two crab apple trees on the Common, and the apples on this one are a much darker red than on the other. They look more like ripe, juicy cherries than bitter, pithy little fruits!

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