Waking Up

This morning When I got to work I arrived to find that 1 of the yard lads had sent a message to say he was sick and another was running late. So I went out into the yard to help get the lorries loaded. It did prove to be a good thing for me as we was picking some stock we spotted this butterfly in the middle of a pack ,it was most probably hibernating . Been a sunny morning it soon woke up and tried to get the warmth of the sun into its wings. I went with this shot as its wings started to open which I captured on my mobile I have included an extra which is not the sharpest as it was frantically flapping its wings to get some warmth and energy into its body.
Back in the office later to catch up on a few things and tie up some loose ends as I am off work next week. Weekend is nearly here just tomorrow morning to go. We did have an incident at work again this afternoon as 3 youths came into the shop and me and my college both realised they was up to no good so we both went over to the area they was in and just stood watching them they knew we was onto them so they made some excuse that they wanted something we didn't have and left quickly empty handed .
Relaxing evening at home watching some Rugby league. Hope you all have a good weekend . Finally many thanks for the kind comments stars and hearts for yesterdays  sunset shot much appreciated 

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