High in the sky!

A special photo today. One from way up high in the sky.
It's one of the first shots I made with my new drone.
The weather today was perfect for a proper test flight, so together with Peter, I went to a wide open space near his home in Uitwierde and sent the drone up in the sky.

This one is from a height of 70 meters, facing south towards Groningen.
In the middle is the small church of Marsum.

It's awesome to fly a drone! I have to practice a lot, and learn all the ins and outs of the aircraft, but it feels already more and more relaxed to control it.
Today was the first time I flew with just looking at the screen instead of looking at the drone itself. At one point it was 77 meters high and 500 meters away from us. A bit scary but after pushing the ' come home' button it was hovering above us in no time.

I hope to show you much more photos from the sky in the (near) future.
This will definitely broaden my horizons photographically.

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