Thumbs up.

I didn't sleep at all last night. 
My left thumb was just too painfull. It hurts like hell. I can't find any explanation for it, I only know I can't take this much longer. I took quite a few paracetamols during the night, but they didn't do anything.
When I looked this morning I saw it was all thick, swollen and red too. The pain concentrates in the  joint. It feels as if my index finger is getting painful and thick as well.

Only one thing to do: It's time to call a doctor. It's Sunday, so I had to call some kind of emergency number, a bit overdone in my opinion, but it's the only way. Annemarie persisted in me doing so.
After my call things went quite fast. The doctor could see me immediately. I jumped in the car and drove single handed to the doctor's place (5 minutes from my home).

After looking at it, touching and squeezing it (ouch!!) the diagnosis was an inflammation in the upper joint. The cause of all this remained a bit undetermined, but terms as 'gout', 'rheumatism' and 'arthritis' were mentioned. The doctor prescribed some medication which I had to get as soon as possible and wanted to see me again in a week from now.

After that I steered to Appingedam, to the pharmacy to get the 20 tablets of diclofenac. All and all I was home again at 10.30, time for some right-handedly-stirred-coffee.

Because Annemarie is still suffering with a nasty tooth-ache (that's taking way too long I think; it's been almost a week now since 2 wisdom teeth were removed) and the boys were upstairs doing their homework, there was only one thing we could do: Start with season 5 of Peaky Blinders on Netflix!! 
We watched 2 episodes and then had lunch.

Right after lunch Peter and I had some whatsapp contact about photography. We both wanted to do something. I wanted to get out, get some fresh air.
Peter picked me up and we went into a forest near Oostwold to capture mushrooms. That wasn't the easiest task to do. I could only use one hand, and because those things were so small, we had to go on our knees as well. But, for 2 hours we had some fun in that forest. I managed to get a few nice photos.

Around 16.30 he dropped me off at home again.

The rest of the day I didn't do anything anymore but laying on my couch watching television. I went to bed quite early after I'd taken my third diclofenac of the day, combined with 2 paracetamol tablets.
I don't want to be awake again all night, just like last night.

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