By tondrijfhamer

Man of the match.

It's Saturday, time for Daan (in blue white) to play a soccer match. He's playing in SC Stadspark in Groningen. We left at 09.00 and the match started at 10.30.

I watched the whole game and played with the camera I recently got from my dad, at the same time.

It took me a while to get some acceptable results with the 40-140mm lens on it. The use of this camera is so different to what I'm used to.

It's (too) small, has an electronic viewfinder and a delay (although very short, but still) when I press the shutter release.

The weather was nice, Daan had fun (they won 0-6), so all and all a nice Saturday morning.

On the down side: My left thumb hurts. I noticed it yesterday evening already, but by now the pain is getting worse. Even the slightest move with or touch on my thumb is very painfull. What's going on?

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