Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

Run out grooves

I don’t normally run in races as it is just too unpleasant. But, two years ago, I ran the three races of the OU tour - just to prove that I wasn’t getting any older. And, in the absence of anyone faster than me, I even picked up the trophy for fastest OU runner (there are always people from local running clubs who are in a different league).

Last year I was fortunate enough to have some clashes which prevented me from running the first two races so I skipped a year. But this year I had no excuse. And J, one of the two people who work for me, has got back into running and is getting pretty good. This might be my last chance to beat him. So lunchtime saw me lining up for the start of the five mile race.

As usual, I set off too quickly and then just tried to hang on. And it was as horrible as I remembered. But I was actually 20 seconds faster than last year and, crucially, two minutes ahead of J!

And this year the pressure is off as young G (same 7 a side team as me this year) was running (he’s often too injured to compete). He finished a couple of minutes ahead of me. Not quite up with the Young Guns from the running clubs, but close on their tails.

I was 8th overall. 2nd OU runner. Top runner not in a proper running top.

Spent the afternoon coughing.

Some recent vinyl.

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