A blipper blips another blipper blipping

Today's adventure was doing "the big walk" on our bikes, for the first time. It's just under 10 km and this is one of the better sections of the track.  As Jan points out in her blip her bike is a city bike. However, it is also a Swedish bike and they are built to be tough! 
Anyway, both Jan and her bike did really well on the trip, only walking down a couple of sections, which had really big rocks forming the surface of the track. I cycled down them but my bike has shock-absorbing forks and even then I was going very slowly.
Later in the day we had friends round to dinner and had a great evening. Jan cooked her vegetarian shepherds pie and I served up my sauerkraut which really should have been left for another week or so but even so was sourly and crisply delicious. We served the smallish jar and now it's nearly empty!

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