If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Mini Blip meet Livingston.

Heading up for a few days with Katkatkat in Edinburgh, Clickychick had arranged to meet Artyfartyannie and Mr AFA.   So instead of our usual route through Biggar we went straight up the motorway and across.  Stopping at Dobbies garden centre Livingston.

As always at blip meets a very pleasant few hours were spend chatting before we all had to go our different ways.  Knowing blips would be in short supply we took a few hurried shots while I bought a new pot for one of the orchids.

Oh dear!   We were approached by a member of staff who told us photography wasn't permitted.   So that chain could be in our bad books as well as Strike/Klondyke.  (More news on this in tomorrows blip)

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