Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Au revoir Iceland and the Sun Voyager

I hope it is au revoir as I still feel I am not done with this country.

We left Budir this morning giving up on a second attempt at Kirkjufellsfoss as it was raining.  It had clearly snowed in parts overnight as the road to Reykjavik was snow covered in parts.  Thank goodness for the snow tyres on the car.

It was mostly fine in Reykjavik.  John hadn't been there since 2004 so I showed him the Harpa and we had a good wander around town.  We went to the outlet store for 66 degree north first but sadly there was nothing that took our fancies.  I bought a top last time and the gear is really good but a bit OTT for our milder climate back home.

There were the usual strange sightings of tourists.  I have to say the two who were using a small camping burner to make lunch at the Sun Voyager topped my list.  The Sun Voyager as blipped is a sculpture by Jon Gunnar Arnason.

We dropped the car back and are staying tonight at the airport hotel because we have early flights in the morning.  While we were having dinner, a table next to us jumped up and ran outside.  Can you believe it there was another aurora.  It had moved over to the East by the time I got my camera and tripod and was near impossible to get a good shot.  The show at Budir was so magical I will always have that as the gold standard.

I may be off the air for a while, it is going to be a long trip and there is a very long layover in Dublin for me so see you went I get back downunder and thanks for coming along on the journey with me.

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