Fallow Deer

This morning I went to the “new members meeting” at our local U3A. I would have liked longer to talk to people, as I did not feel an hour was long enough. My husband has also joined, but had to stay at home as the tiler was here tiling the small section of the floor where the boiler and gas metre had been.
I joined the “birdwatching” group and also the “photography” group. The photography group’s first meeting is this afternoon, but we will not be able to go. We shall not miss very much as they will discuss what people want and we are happy to fit in with others. I also spoke with the lady who organises the pub lunches, but we might not be able to go as, to keep down costs, a set meal is chosen and then the priced negotiated; it might not be possible to make this suitable for Coeliacs. I also chatted to two ladies who run the theatre, outings and holiday group; this looks like a very interesting group with a variety of outings to suit all tastes. They have not yet finalised the 2019 programme, but I am sure it will contain some outings that I would like to attend. I might also join the “crafts” group and the “pilates” group, as long as this is not too strenuous.
The tiler departed after lunch having done, as before, a very good job on the floor. I have spent the afternoon dealing with students and OU emails. I have also telephoned the people who fitted the boiler and who are starting to fit the kitchen tomorrow. I asked when they will be gas testing the boiler, she said they are coming Friday to connect the gas hob and the electric cooker. I explained that we had no heating, since Thursday and that if they did not gas test the boiler then they could not connect the appliances. This apparently has not been booked and she knew nothing about it; she will get back to me. I really do not think that there are many reliable people these days and those that are, are booked many months in advance.
Today’s picture is of two young Fallow deer. We were taking pictures out of the kitchen window when these two came into the garden to join the six or seven already in the garden. I had taken the card out of my camera and was going to blip a bird, but quickly put the card back in and took this picture.

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