Fly away home

Hardly ever see a ladybird these days so I was pleased to spot one this afternoon when I was out sweeping up some leaves and cutting back a few plants. The rain stopped and the sun even put in a brief appearance.

In other animal-related news I'm sorry to say that it's Maxwell RIP. He'd not been right for a while now and at 14 he'd lived a long life. He's now joined the many other cats, sundry guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and fish buried in the garden. It's not that we're careless with pets (I could name all of the above except the fish) just that we've lived here for such an age. For the first time ever we don't have a cat(s) living with us. We'll not be rushing into getting another as some of our family members have, or have developed, an allergic reaction to them.

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