....for as far as the eye (couldn't) see!  
Living as close to the Lake as we do, there are lots of times when we are shrouded in fog, while those more inland have none. Fall and Spring are the times when the fog is heaviest and lasts the longest. This is a row of trees that borders Lake Drive. The road curves to the right just ahead of where I took this, so the trees follow the curve, & I liked how the trees off in the distance just gradually faded away into the fog. I've added two pictures into the extras, as I spotted the two coyotes in the park as I was driving through.  The first one was literally stalking something--very focused and moving slowly. I wasn't very close to it, but I rolled the window down and took a picture--the settings weren't right with all the fog, and it's grainy as I didn't have time to futz around with the camera, thinking I'd miss getting the coyote. Then I saw the second one standing motionless next to the tree, watching the other one. I pulled the car forward & could see that the first one was probably a good 15 feet from an unobservant little squirrel when the second one ran up to join the first. This startled the squirrel, who realized it was in peril and ran for it's life! (and made it up a tree). Not the best of pictures, and I've cropped them both a bit, but for those of you who said you'd never seen a coyote (when I'd mentioned seeing one with a squirrel in it's mouth), at least you'll get to see  them here.  Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting MonoMonday, with it's "Seasonal" theme today.  

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