Tiny Tuesday: Water Drop Challenge

WWombat has challenged us to blip a water droplet macro for today's Tiny Tuesday.

I decided to resort to the droplet-on-a CD technique which I learnt on John Gravett's creative workshop back in April. However this time I've homed in on just one droplet, with my macro lens and extension tubes. I had great fun experimenting with different angles of the torchlight and then asked my Editor to help choose a favourite - she liked this one best. It looks best large on black.

You can see the full extent of the visible spectrum - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The colours are produced by light rays of different wavelengths interfering with each other constructively and destructively as they're reflected by the microscopic pits on the CD. If you want more of an explanation you can find it here.

Let's hope that our work on water droplets today brings lots more rain to dry, parched Australia!

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