Wide Wednesday: "Closed"

My bliphunt walk this morning took me across Armstrong Bridge here in Newcastle, and I took this panorama shot there.

"How does it fit Bobsblips's Wide Wednesday theme of 'Closed'?" you ask. Well, the bridge closed to motor traffic in 1963 as it was felt that it wasn't strong enough for that, but it remains open for pedestrians and cyclists. You can only see bits of the bridge at the ends of the shot, but you can see a big shadow of the bridge on the ground below which I rather liked. (The bridge isn't really bent - that's an artefact of the panorama photo!)

As you can see, it crosses the (very picturesque) Jesmond Dene, which is looking its best at the moment in its autumn colours. Indeed, if we really stretch the point, you could say that the colours show that summer is well and truly "closed" and that autumn is now "open"!

I've blipped the bridge from different angles 3 times before. There's more history of it here and different views here and here. It's been very useful to me for WidWed blips!

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