By si_b

3D Seasonal - Mono Monday MM246

As some of you are no doubt already aware, I like weird things when it comes to cameras - the odder the better - and this particular image has "odd" in abundance !

Recently I acquired* a "Zorki Stereo Unit", now whilst this sounds like an audiophile thing rather than a videophile** thing, it is - in fact - a device which allows you to take 3D images. 

It consists of some prisms that are placed so that the image taken is two shots per frame each from a slightly different perspective - roughly eye-width apart. This gives you the ability to view them either using a stereoscope or, more simply, going cross-eyed. ( I'd recommend a visit to the explanation, and giving it a go - once you get the hang of it, you'll understand ... I find that the trick is to relax.)

In any case, at the moment, the process involves holding the stereo adapter in front of the lens and trying to get things in focus - it came on a mount designed to screw to the bottom of a Zorki camera - which doesn't really translate to a Fuji X-T2, so that's been removed - pending a 3D print of a new holder when I figure out the right dimensions !

So, all that remains is - for the technically curious - obviously the stereo adapter as mentioned above, a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 on a Metabones Focal Reducer onto Fujifilm X-T2. The stereo adapter was designed to work with a 50mm lens, so that's where I've started - seems to be ok ;-)

There is a colour stereo example in the extras, which demonstrates a bit more depth. I found this one harder to do cross-eyed, so I recommend starting with the leaf ...

Taken, by the way, at Snellsmore Common, Newbury.

* bought of EBay ...
** lover of things to do with images ? If someone knows a better term, please comment below !

N.B. I note that I didn't select the right day when submitting this Monday image on Tuesday - thus, rather than running the risk of losing comments/stars etc. I'll post Tuesday's on Monday just to even things out and really make a mess of things ! This is the problem when you lose metadata in your editing process !

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