Honda VFR1200XE CrossTourer

Today was test riding another bike.
Didn't like the NC750x, too much of a sport bike riding position and felt very vulnerable with nothing in front of me. Hurt my wrists on a short 45 minute ride so that is ruled out.
Today I tested the HONDA VFR1200XE CrossTourer Highlander (Kevmersh will like it because of the name I expect :-)  )
I'd never ridden a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) bike, it's an automatic gear system with three modes - Drive, Sport (three options of sport mode), and Manual. After the salesman showed me how it worked I found it very simple to use, like an automatic car, very easy.
Also, it is 4 inches higher than my CTX1300 but I could still put my feet flat on the ground so it wasn't a problem either.
Acceleration, being an automatic, was pretty outstanding and all in all it was a great bike to ride.
However, nothing beats my CTX1300 so far but this was a lighter bike by about 60kg so it's definitely a contender if I did change my current bike.

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