Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Last fling?

It certainly felt like a last fling for summer today - the temperature in our car when we returned to it at 5.30pm was 22ºC and even after we'd driven up the road and into the shade of the raised beach it was 18º. Rather predictably, we felt we wanted to walk by the sea and in the sun for as long as possible, so here we are again on the shores of Loch Striven, with the tide high below the road and the trees already far advanced into their autumn bareness. I should think the combination of facing south into the sun and the strong winds of yesterday had much to do with this!

The strangest thing about today was going out with some rubbish into the almost-dark garden. The sky was completely clear, and it looked as if it should feel the nip of frost in the still air - but no: we could have sat out with a drink had we felt so inclined. It was completely balmy. Hard to believe that the next storm is even now swirling over the Atlantic towards us ...

Because it was such a lovely day, I'm adding as an extra the photo I took from my bedroom window this morning - I loved the almost stage-like quality of the light.

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