By AnneILM60

Autumn & Spring

This is one of the dogwoods in my backyard.  It has its autumn berries on it as well as spring buds brought on by the stress of going through Hurricane Florence.  

It is really strange to see berries and buds on the tree at the same time.  

We are not totally in the clear, but it appears that TS Michael will be staying more inland as it crosses NC, which is good for us.  The tough part of today is that we are in the correct quadrant to be at high risk for tornados.  I am sure tornado warnings will be sounding on and off all day.

I will just sit tight today and work on my quilling.

In extras, I have included my favourite October Maxine cartoon which highlights National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You can help others get a mammogram by clicking this link.

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