Zoomy Lens

A new lens has arrived. Obviously bottom of the range stuff, but useful for those blips when you can’t be bothered leaving the house. 
Not that today was one of those - first up a wee saunter to the Stills to see the photos of orkney by Gunnie Moberg and Margaret Tait. I also sat and watched a couple of Margaret Tait’s films for 40 minutes or so. In one of her books she said that she wasn’t interested in making films for posterity and disliked, ‘Oh look, that’s such and such a place’. Apologies Margaret, that’s exactly what I enjoyed. Christmas lights on Princes St in 1964! Brill! 
Then a meet up with a very thin son in Wagamama - we strolled on down Leith Walk while chatting away, or rather, he mostly talked away. Much listening.
After I left him I met the SK and L & TM in the Compass for a session listening to all their Glastonbury reminiscences and tips. Tents. I may need a larger one. And they reckon chairs are a total necessity. And money broken down into daily spends for the secure lockers. And wellies of course. And the tents are miles away from the stages. Oh michty. We may need a golf buggy. 

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